Miscellaneous notes and photos from Scales and Goudie family in Victoria, Australia.


As we get on in years, many of us start to become more attached to our past- and even beyond, to our family history.

I have had discussions with various family members and friends about aspects of the past, and realised that we need a forum to collect and share information and pictures which may not be readily available on the internet already, or to link with information we've found there. Hence this site.

I'm hoping it will gradually build into a useful resource for anyone who is interested in the past of the various groups.

Oral History

There was a set of questions, "Share Your Life With Me", which was circulating a while ago. I'm not sure where it came from, but I've used that as a basis for some of my "interviews", after changing some questions, extending it and putting it into a table form, to allow for notations.

I hope I'm not breaching any copyright, but I'm not aware of any source for the list- so if you would like to download a MS Word doc. copy of my version of the list, click here: Tell Me About Your Life - Questions Table There are well over 200 questions on this list, so you will need to pick out the best ones for your use. You can alter the list as you wish, adding extra questions or subtracting those that are not relevant..


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